The Cosplay Teahouse

Welcome to the Teahouse, honored guests...


                       Welcome to the Teahouse!

 Irasshai, minna-san! I go by Tenkage- I'm a Colorado-based cosplayer, and long-time resident of the snowy state. And you have just stumbled upon my personl website- the Cosplay Teahouse! Feel free to peruse around, check out my photogalleries, my writing, and more! If you have any questions, feel free to send 'em my way! I hope you enjoy your time here, everyone!

Ja mata ne!


                 A Quick Introduction to the Site

To help newcomers navigate through my website, I've added here a short review of each section, and what it contains.


Welcome to The Teahouse: The main page of the site welcomes everyone who visits. It provides a brief summary of what the site contains, and periodic updates.

Who Is Lady Tenkage?: This page tells you a little something about myself, and my hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

Cosplay Gallery: This section of the website houses pictures of all my cosplays. Each gallery has pictures, and a description of the costume in question, as well as details to how I made it.

In Progress: Curious about how far I've gotten on my latest cosplays? This section houses updates, reference pictures, and progress photos of all the projects I'm currently working on.

Cosplay Wish List: A review of all my cosplay endeavors, and the costumes I'll be making next.

The Samurai Review: Here, you will find my reviews of various anime, video games, manga, and novels! Some good, some bad, but always fun!

Media: This section of my site houses links to all the various media I have pertaining to my hobbies- this includes Youtube videos of the skits I've done, and links t the radioplays I'm a part of- and whatever else is added, in the future!

Writing: The section contains links to the various fanfictions and stories I've writen or will write. Currently, the only story available is Gundam Wing: After Era. More will be added, as I finish them.

Tenkage's Friends: Members of my site!

The Teahouse Forums: A place to chat! About cosplay, anime, and life! There's also forums for the Shinsengumi cosplay group, web-based RP-ing, and for my VA projects!

The Shinsengumi: The Shinsengumi is a cosplay group I'm currently forming. Here, you will find a brief description of the group, and what you need to join! Still under development.

Links: Pretty self-explanatory. Click here for all the places I think you should check out! Sure to grow!